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e–valuations.co.uk is a trademark of Liquid Property Limited

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About e–valuations.co.uk
e–valuations.co.uk is strikingly different from traditional property valuation companies. The e–valuations.co.uk process is performed without ever visiting the property.

Understanding that the value of any house is largely determined by the values of the surrounding houses, e–valuations.co.uk has proved that an accurate valuation can be performed from a distance.

The information that would otherwise be gathered through a traditional inspection of the home is, instead, provided by you. This information takes the form of digital photographs and an interactive questionnaire that is completed during the ordering process.
e–valuations.co.uk has transformed the way that the general public is informed about property values. The authoritative reports that are produced by e–valuations.co.uk provide both a valuation for any residential property in England & Wales as well as all of the facts that support the valuation.

The result of the valuation is presented on a summary sheet and all of the supporting facts are illustrated with easy to understand graphs and maps.

Our valuations are customised for each individual property. Every valuation is performed by e–valuations.co.uk staff, rather than by automated computer generated data. This personal attention that e–valuations.co.uk provides ensures persistent quality control and prevents unreasonable valuations from being produced.
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