Sash Windows

A window that slides vertically on a system of cords and balanced weights.

A property that is separated from only one other house by one adjoining wall.
Share of Freehold

A situation where the freehold is owned by all the lessees in a block.
Side Extension

A building extension that was constructed after the house was initially built. A side extension extends out from the side of the building.
Single Bedroom

A description of the size for a bedroom. A single bedroom will comfortably accommodate a single bed (36" _ 75" or metric 0.9 m _ 1.9 m).

A property that is separated from two other houses by two separate adjoining walls. The walls are only partially adjoining.
Storage Heaters

A storage heater is an electrical appliance which stores heat at a time when surplus electricity is available at a low price, usually during the night, and releases it during the day.
Storage Space

A room that is primarily used for storage. This room can not be considered a bedroom because of it's location or it's lack of windows.
Structural Instability

Any reports or suspicions of movement of the structural elements supporting the house.
Stucco / Render Exterior

A mixture of cement and sand to that is applied to a brick or concrete wall to provide a smooth surface that can then be painted.

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